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Pconsult's core business is electrical engineering and associated services related to electric utilities and electrification bodies, particularly in the developing countries. Through a number of reputed associates Pconsult is able to offer comprehensive teams integrating sociologists, economists, environmental experts, human ressorces developpers as well as various electrical, mechanical and civil engineering experts.

Special concepts
Pconsult has long ago realised that electrification of the developing countries requires special concepts. Pconsult promotes such solutions and works actively to support the creation of standards and codes of practice reflecting the specific needs and financial capabilities of the developing countries.

Rural electrification
For rural electrification an array of low cost single- and three phase solutions are offered as well as small scale production platforms and simplified distribution schemes. The technical solutions that may be arrived at through a participatory approach can be combined by various institutional models that promote ownership in its true sens.

Multicultural approach
Pconsult believes that sustainable solutions are arrived at through a process that combines international expertise and local know-how. This is best done when the consultant is integrated in a multicultural team with the end user of the project. For each assigment Pconsult will, whenever possible, integrate local consultants in the project team.

Pconsult is owned by its founder and maintains absolute independancy from manufacturers, suppliers and contractors.

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